Airspace Security

In the last 10 years the use of Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) airspace as increased by an order of magnitude. Establishment of prohibited and restricted areas was dramatically increased after 9-11 in an effort to keep “non-participating” traffic away from restricted areas.

TFRs are designed to restrict airspace use over areas such as firefighting, lawenforcement operations, toxic gas spills, flooding areas, volcanic eruptions, aerial flight demonstrations, stadium sporting events, explosive demolitions, and theme parks among others.

Previously only used off shore, Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZ) and Flight Restriction Zones are now being used within the confines of the National Airspace System to restrict flights over areas with national security implications such as Presidential and VIP visits, special military operations and bases, and orbital launch facilities and corridors.

Because TFRs, by definition are not permanent, they are usually not shown on printed sectional charts and usually require a real-time current overlay to be uploaded on electronic charts. Additionally, TFRs can be issued with little or no warning prior to activation.

For general aviation (GA) pilots flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) this dramatic increase in TFR generations and short activation lead times can quickly lead to an airspace violation, a military intercept, and enforcement action as pilots inadvertently stray into restricted areas.

Hansen Aerospace’s AIRSEC operations service provides an added level of security through early intercepts. Our crews operate as an extension and augmentation service to Air Traffic Control, military airspace enforcement commands, NORAD, and the TFR controlling authority, by providing early intercepts, target identification, communication, and advisory redirection before a target aircraft becomes an airspace penetration threat. Because our aircraft are fast, highly maneuverable, yet inexpensive to operate, our AIRSEC service enhances security at a tremendous cost savings to private corporations, US Government, and ultimately the US Taxpayer.

GA pilots tracking toward a national security TFR within a specified time frequently require USAF fighters or USCG enforcement intercepts.

Our aircraft and crews operate some of the fastest general aviation aircraft, equipped with full data-block traffic and intercept solution avionics. Our pilots are all former USAF, USN and USMC military tactical fighter pilots with extensive experience in formation intercepts and procedures.

Additional Airspace Security Operations

Hansen Aerospace AIRSEC operations group provides additional airspace security operations including airspace denial and enforcement augmentation, military aerial threat simulations and targets, military and civilian drone escort, commercial client surveillance services, orbital launch corridor security, and more.

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