Glasair III Nose Gear Drag Link Upgrade

The Stoddard Hamilton Glasair III (G3) is a high performance, experimental category aircraft utilizing a scissor type, 1,500 psi, hydraulically actuated nose landing gear retraction and extension system.

Hansen Aerospace produces the steel G3-DL5 Drag Link as an upgrade to the factory provided aluminum linkage. Objectives for this part was to provide increased strength, improved safety, longevity, and reliability for what has historically been the weakest link in the retraction mechanism, and continues to be responsible for numerous nose gear failures.

The downloadable White Paper link on this page outlines the history behind the G3 nose gear drag link, factory design philosophy, and historical failures of the factory aluminum part. The paper also outlines the Hansen Aerospace designed upgrade replacement part, how and why it was produced, and aspects of installation and use.

Additional files are excerpts from the G3 factory installation manual regarding installation, rigging, and operation of the nose gear drag link.

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Some Kinds Words from Some of our Clients…

“After finding a crack in my nose gear drag brace it’s reassuring to know my new GDL5 brace gives me a substantially improved safety margin. I am now looking forward to the external power alternative Hansen Aerospace has hinted as coming next in the development pipeline.”

Brian A.
Bank Branch Manager, Denver CO